Shopping in city

Jean Lou Coiffure De Paris, a French hairstylist and designer, has a little storefront at 13 Biet Thu (tel. 058/524-159) and not only does hair and nails but also serves drinks and does laundry, too. It's open daily from 8am to midnight.

Groove Shack, at 89a Nguyen Thien Thuat (tel. 058/524-738), has lots of copycats, but owner Zac has this business down. The business provides good pirated CDs and media loaded onto your Ipod or personal computer. Ethical? Not really. Convenient? Yes. And you can fill up on good new tunes (or DVDs) for kicking back at the beach. Zac also sells T-shirts and beach clothes. Open daily from 8am to 10pm.
Bambou (15 Biet Thu; tel. 058/910-774; daily 8am-9:30pm) is a popular T-shirt shop in the heart of the backpacker area of Biet Thu. These shirts are becoming like the "Black Dog" shirts of Martha's Vineyard for Vietnam.
At 17A Biet Thu, the heart of the busy traveler street in Nha Trang, you can't miss bright Tashunco (17A Biet Thu; tel. 058/827-035; daily 7am-10pm), a little grocer that carries familiar Western goods, ranging from Diet Coke to good cheese.
A Mart: Everyday supplies can be found at this handy minimart.
Dam Market: has a colourful collection of stalls, including vegetarian (com chay) in the covered semicircular food pavilion.
Kim Quang: It's worth checking out the hand-painted T-shirts done by a friendly local painter named Kim Quang, who you can find between 14:00 and 21:00 working from his wheelchair at the Sailing Club.
My Village: There's some nice lacquer-work, furniture and other souvenir-friendly art and handicraft in this little shop in the heart of the tourist precinct.
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