There are many bus companies in Nha trang that travel up and down the coastline of Vietnam, which are happy to take tourists to their desire destinations.

Most bus companies are nice and clean, offering low price and good service.
Some travelers to Nha Trang try out the local bus system that Vietnamese takes. This is a very budget way of transportation. The quality of the bus is less as expected and wait time can be longer as the on time departure and arrival are sometime delay. Some local bus company will stop for any passenger that flag them down on the street. Others go direct and only stop at predestinated locations. There are 2 main types of local bus. One is located in the Dong De area of south Nha Trang (southern bus station) and there's an abundant number of Tourist bus around the nha trang tourist district (backpacker area)

Local Vietnamese Buses
The local buses are usually less expensive and do not have air conditions in them. Some are on a first come basis, so seats are not guarantee. The bus drivers put bags, motorcycles and other items stuffed in the top of the bus. This can make for an uncomfortable ride. You might have to seat in a tight spot or adjust your knees up. Some travels indicated that they have trouble using the local bus system as it often breaks down. Engine, tires problems or other mechanical issues can cause a long trip feel endless. One travel experience his bus stopping at 2 am in the morning to repair a flat tire in the dark.

High End Tourist Bus
Meanwhile the tourist buses are for people not minding to spend a few more dollars for a nice ride. Bus companies are concerned about their reputation and will try to provide their best customer service. The bus is clean and in good condition. Most are new and running well. The air condition works well and sometime a bit too cold, specially when traveling at night or early in the morning. However with Vietnam's temperature reaches up to 35 degree c, a well working A/C is appreciated.

Open Bus Tickets
An open bus ticket from Saigon to Hanoi is approximate $40 USD. There are up to 4 tickets in an open bus ticket booklet that allows you to stop in major city for as long as you want. Major stops includes:
1) Ho Chi Minh - Nha Trang
2) Nha Trang - Hoi An
3) Hoi An - Hue
4) Hue - Hanoi
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