There are many taxi companies in Vietnam, just go to out and you will find one. When you want a special car, for instance 12seats car or minivan, you should call operator and ask them to send you one. Some are cheaper than others, some are good and some are bad.

Although it’s a taxi, they can take you anywhere you like, just make sure to have enough with money. It seems there are some ‘fake’ taxi around every cities. It’s a well known issues but the government can’t control all taxis. What’s the difference from real one and fake one?
As you arrive to Vietnam, the first thing you want is take a taxi to your hotel since you don’t know the road. There are plenty taxi companies in Vietnam, and price are from cheap to expensive. All of them use meters so you don’t have to worry.
Obviously other drivers want to earn money too. All they have to do is go and buy the TAXI sign, mount the fake meter-box and drive around cities, looking for customers. What you don’t know is these drivers charge you much higher than normal. So even if you see they have a meter, it doesn’t mean they don’t overcharge you. All they need to do is push a button behind the wheel and tick tack, the meter show another value. What about safety? Only god knows! Are they nice? Maybe, maybe not (usually when you start to questioning about why the price, don’t want to pay for scammers).
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